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January 14, 2009

start of sch!

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school officially started! not so relaxing afterall..

was slacking for past few days! refusing to touch anything.

but i’ve choked up quite alot of work!

lab report worth 20+ pages to be done with another lab partner (should have 3, but one didnt come. fook!)

tutorials for nxt week….

but got gatherings so still okay la!

plus the dreaded IPPT gotta train train train chooo choo!

oh, plus i have 3projects! damn.

ironically, i have 3 school days too! (webcast on other 2)

hope i wont slack too much!

i should bathe and sleep. >.<


January 5, 2009

post trip thoughts / new yr resolutions

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its been a long long time since i blogged! this might take quite a while!

yep im back from vietnam on the 26th. todays the 5th (past 12am) so tt makes it arnd 9 or 10days late! pardon me!

the overseas cip trip to vietnam was really a learning journey for me. learnt about myself, my friends, and the pple in duy thanh village. well, partly i take a sneak peak into the life of a farmer, or a village dweller. farmer is what i actually thought of doing! (maybe retired)

Life in the village

relaxing, quiet, cold at night. cheap french bread(30cents) and drip cafe(40cents). i slept on my newly bought air pump bed once in a while, letting my friends use when they are not feeling well. i would very much like to join my housemates sleeping on the floor too. feels extra when im sleeping on the comfy air bed! the floor is okay too la!

the chance to live with live stocks is incredible! feeding leftovers to pigs, ducks.

gets dark at arnd 5+pm and brightens before 7am.

would seat outside the house calling Dawn or just absorb in the quietness and the occasional few motorbikes tt passes by.

bathing is always a challenge. too cold for me to handle. would pop in and shiver alil.

feels great when walking down the village with kids or a few villagers smiling at you, acknowledging your presence.

i particularly like this photo!

it really shows us how this world can be so filled with love, laughter.

Life back in singapore

i miss the food definately! ate my char kway teow and hokkien mee. have been meeting Dawn as much as possible.

shopped alot, vivo vivo vivo! tml shop again! til date bought 2 polos, and 2 berms for school! all at discounted prices. im a poor student!

was a lil sad my hamster, amiga, passed away. oh well..left sushi! i think hamsters are quite cute!

started training for ippt. sigh sigh. must keep fit ahhhhhhhhh!

new year resolutions

keep fit! (nv seem to make it!)

study hard,  smart! btw, i did well for my last sem! was shocked ! i was cycling to another village to give the mobile library. i went to the toilet to open the sms containing my results.  so happy! well most pple in the team did well. tts good news! heaved a huge sigh of relief. hope this coming sem will be good, if not better! *crosses fingers*

be a loving bf! Thank you Dawn for supporting and encouraging me to go on this ocip. i’ll support you too!

spent more time with my family! eat more meals with them, talk more to them..


not sure if can go USA with Dawnie this june hols! hope it works out someway!

decided that i wont go SEP! if i go i’ll have to sacrifice my Industrial Attachment or waste my credits. sometimes i do really want to go! but my pocket is quite tight. tts alot of $$$$$$$!

might want to go work and travel after yr3. no plans yet!

sometimes, i wonder am i spending my time in my life time wisely? what am i suppose to pursue? knowing i’ll have support from D and my family is comforting.

cheers to a new yr.

December 7, 2008

embarking on learnin trip tml!

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well, after 1 semester worth of preparations, :



selling pastries along arts linkway,

selling more pastries at science,

the day is finally here!

quite excited though..but starting to miss many things:

1.my girlfriend Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,





6.facebook (haha!)

7.local food


blah blahblah and many more. i know im not a big hearted person who have a calling in helping kids, but i do want to experience this and provide my services.

i know Dawns gonna miss me valli much! and im gonna miss her valli much too! its a lil hurdle we must cross!. well we have friends who’s other half’s miles away and hundreds of days away. must count our blessings!

eek gotta sleep. will blog abt my trip when i come back!!!


December 6, 2008

my hols so far…

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‘ve been goin out and sleeping lil; but no choice! cos gotta fly off real soooooon.

a lil recap:

wed-sentosa after exam,

thur-vivo with lotsa shopping..and cluedo which i won at the mercy of Dawn…

fri-funan and meetup with frens at night,

sat-tanglin mall with fleee market.

did lotsa shopping with Dawn! never did so much shopping before i think. supermarkets, boutiques, toys, lots lots! i’ll really miss you! hope it has been a memorable and fufiling 4days..

i’ll embark on a journey of service learning soon. i’ll learn more about myself!

December 4, 2008

its over!

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my exams that is.

yr2 sem1 exam that is.

im glad its over! last paper was kinda tough, everyone was sad, so i was happy. i could do, though a few wrongs here and there. im anticipating for my results. because i believed i tried my best, attempted the questions to the best of my ability. well if i still get sucky results like last sem, i’ll have to admit my academic brain aint comparable to my fellow peers. cos last sem my attitude really suck and a bout of flu came and flushed me away.

was a lil tired but happy.cabbed down to vivo to meet D! after which we went sentosa! pics temp unavailable.

fun fun fun.

must enjoy before i fly off to vietnam! was a lil dreaded to go vietnam cos its longggggg. and due to the after effects of exam: u tend to want to slack and rot. and my frens are taking this insurance course which i want to take. mean i gotta take it myself next time.. buttttt. im glad i have this opportunity to go vietnam and make this holiday a fufiling one! im still quite applaud by the fact i need to sleep on sleeping bag for 19days. well, i can do it!!!!!! it doesnt help when D told me her ocip stayed in hotel.. 😦  well i know im there to learn and contribute! i’ll suck it uppppppppp til i see my bed again after xmas.

cant wait to spend time with D and my family. and it starts now!

November 25, 2008

on hiatus…

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FULL STEAM AHEAD! (im having the NUS exams FYI)

haha i dont really watch thomas and friends. but figured it’ll look cuter than a real steam engine.

well, i do study steam engines in chem eng!

wish me luck.

November 2, 2008

work hard, dude!

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went for a run after -dunnoe-how-many- weeks. it was pathetic! i had to pause along the way. >.<

lotsa aches.

i read the news paper and our dear pm was encouraging us sgeans to work hard! for our economy. after attending singapore studies (a module in uni) on sg’s history(from the political days before WW2 til the present), i always thought my country is really amazing, yet sad. if we work hard for the whole of our lives, will we truly be proud to say we have lived our life as we wanted after many decades later? of cos tts base on groundless assumptions of i dunnoe what. of cos there are many people who struggle with poverty let least of them ‘living the life’.

i always wonder what if i was a farmer, lets say i own a fruit farm, vineyard at the countryside (of cos not in sg) how would life be?! but of cos if i could own one i would be freakin rich already.

22days to start of my exams! crap. why are universities in singapore so stressful! and i thought it was going to get better. they should sue the universities for conning pple in their advertisements!

living the life

living the life

definitely, this organic creature is living the life and mocking at my organic chemistry notes. wait til i raise the temperature and pressure to set this organic creature into vapour-liquid equilibrium! just kidding. 😛

October 23, 2008

of rainy days and paracetamol

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i seem to notice a trend that when the weather turns slightly cold, i’ll be ill.

i’ve been falling ill quite frequently(once every few months). That is a bad omen! i think i have a hectic lifestyle. no time for this no time for that. i must do some regular exercise! does regular exercise strengthen your immune system?

anyway im thinking of ideas to complete my essay. i think i need to must get a good grade for this non core module. i really want to do well in my course, though i know its tough. i dont want to waste my parent’s money (well i wouldnt say effort) in supporting me through my education. maybe its cos of a bad semester last term and a medicore mid term result, i’ve lost much fighting spirit, even though all is not lost yet.

1month left and i really want to nail it! (even though my body is aching from flu :X )

October 7, 2008


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i thought i wrote something just now but it wasnt posted.

anyway wanted to say how lost i am these days, walking around busily but getting nilche work done. good job ching.

need to get my focus back.

fund raising is tough!

September 30, 2008

a brand new day.

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life’s a struggle these days. how i wish there were more relaxing sundays.

alright suck it up and carry on.

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