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January 3, 2010


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I think blogging is always depressing for me. I blog only when i’m feeling down. Maybe its a good way of venting frustration, without the need to trouble someone.

Christmas came and gone, so did New Year. Everything seems to gone by in a flash. I’m still quite taken aback by my shitty results, which i believe will haunt me in a long while.. Even though i wasnt particularly hardworking last year, the effort i put in couldn’t save my ass. contradicting was it!

Intern started in advance, and started out everything as a blur. My lucky intern-colleague may still be holiday somewhere in the northern hemisphere while i’m gonna do her handover with my supervisor tomorrow cos’ the upper study need to start school soon. work’s still in a mess, cos my supervisor has not given me the big picture (though will soon come after the other intern come) and i get real sleepy, like zombified at certain hours of the day. My colleagues are workaholics, well i believe they command a high pay, and i feel bad when i leave early to catch the shuttle bus. hmmm…. well, work is afterall sensitive. I’ve told myself to suck it up, learn as much, and present a better side of me. i think my work attitude sucked when i was working as a temp last time hahaha!

i have so many things that i want to do, but i procrastinate, and end up watching The Office drama online. Dramas really destroy people’s lives. i mean it used to be good, once a week kind, but with internet, its an addiction.

its really late, have to sleep soon.

I really want to be happier, well..i dont know.

blog another time. hopefully soon!



  1. oh baby… i’m sorry i’m insensitive to your feelings. you’re sad but i never cheer you up 😦 ……

    Comment by dawnang — April 17, 2010 @ 9:43 am | Reply

  2. Baby I miss your blogging!

    Comment by Dawnie — February 6, 2012 @ 11:26 pm | Reply

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