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December 14, 2009


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im back! my last post was dated..15th august! thats approximately 4 months ago! 4 months have passed, many things have happened! exams gone and done with, albeit dreading the result day. Got an internship and is starting on the 21st, well supposed to start today(14th) but glad they postponed it!

have been watching lots of drama, well just one in particular, finally finished 30 episodes *phew*. i think i better not get myself involved with dramas anymore..its really time wasting and tiring! even though they are really enjoyable!

been spending time with Dawn, getting a x’mas tree and shopping around..feel really happy! perhaps a slight disappointment would be not able to travel! but i need to curb my travelling itch! save $$$.

also, i’ve packed my room, done household choses blahblah. time seems to have passed by really fast! but i just did some calculations, i’ve been officially slacking for only..*gasp* 11 days! exams ended last last week! seems eons ago.

my current plan for the week would be to:

gym, swim, buy more office clothes, spring clean, read some books, shop for present…since Dawn will be busy with DND i’ll be quite free i guess! 😛

its the Christmas season, but i haven seen the orchard lights, and may not be able to, since orchard road is flooded with people.

gosh need to sleep! blog another day..i will!


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  1. Hi baby! we will see the christmas lights soon ok? it’s actually quite disappointing but.. we’ll go!

    Comment by dawnang — December 19, 2009 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

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