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August 15, 2009


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maybe cos’ Dawn haven reply my sms..not sure how’s she now!

back to school, feel really bored and sad. lotsa pple disappear, supposely enjoying themselves in some part of the world, while i face my core modules in my crazy school. why cant studying be fun and enjoyable?

feeling demoralise, after knowing how much i’ve been lacking. i cant believe my faculty don have a ace-an-interview module. we should have that right? judging on how our graduates suck at them.

not enjoying my student life, but can wait to start work though.

a lil sad, when i don get to go exchange, cos of missed opportunities and well financial restrictions. they always say how easy it is to study overseas. is tt true? if only i could go hiking, and visit places!

14more weeks to exam! somehow somewhat i must ace through this sem, the 2nd toughest sem i suppose. taking 6modules worth of 26MC gosh im crazy. well, i think the toughest would be FYP *GASP*

i’ve decided:

1.) no tv, (lucky my honky drama serials mostly ended. (i’ve been catching forensic science 2 by bobby aw and many other A list actors and also watch this repeated drama call dragon love hahahahah. now im watchin this drama call when dog like cat (i think ahhaha) by my fav actor Loh Kar Leung! i took a glimpse of *yi2 qing2 bie2 lian4* starring gigi leung and miao qiao wei. plot seems goood! geez i must not be tempted!)

seems like no tv is tough huh. how i wish i can watch these dramas in cantonese! tt would be great!

2.)reduce time wasted on fb

3.) do more exercise and running to keep fit

4.) blah

dawn finally called! geeez.

ahhhhhhhhh dunnoe what i even want in life.  feel like i’ve played the wrong cards in my hands.  at least now i know i must hang in there and play my remaining cards correctly

just a venting post. not to be taken seriously.

did i mention i have a makeup lecture tml? it’ll be webcasted..but i hate watchin 2hr webcast at home..its never ending.


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  1. 4.) blah


    Comment by dawnang — August 15, 2009 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

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